Howard Morgan

Howard Morgan

*Wow, talk about driving while black.

Doesn’t your brow raise from the headline alone?

An ex COP, shot, and he was in prison.

Must of been a black man right? Right. And his name is Howard Morgan. The former Chicago cop had a run-in with police a decade ago and ended up being shot 28 times by them. It was mishandled/destroyed evidence that put him behind bars for 40 years – but last week his sentence was commuted.

Last Wednesday Howard Morgan walked out of a courtroom free. His clemency petition had been among 43 others heard and granted by the former Governor of Illinois, Pat Quinn, who was serving the final day of his term.

The details surrounding Morgan’s case remain muddy still. And with major evidence up and disappeared, well…

The story goes, however, that he was off duty from his job as a detective on Feb. 21, 2005. He worked for the Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad line, but had previously worked as an officer with the Chicago Police Department for eight years .

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