rp_gilbert-arenas-1024x768.jpg*Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas is in big trouble, according to TMZ Sports. He’s back on probation after an illegal fireworks bust from 2013.

This isn’t Arenas first run-in with the law. Back in 2010, he was infamously involved in a gun showdown in a NBA locker room.

He was also arrested  in June 2013 in LA for possession of 100 pounds of illegal explosives. At the time, he had completed probation from the gun showdown a year prior in 2012.

Arenas faced jail time for misdemeanor possession of the fireworks, but he was able to cut a deal with the prosecutor to get probation instead.

Official documents confirmed he pled for no contest and was charged with $41,240 in fines, penalties and other fees. Also, Arenas had to complete 10 days of community service relating to “fire prevention.”

The court docs reveal he completed his community service and paid all the fines. Nevertheless, he will remain on probation until January 2016.