oyelowo & duvernay

David Oyelowo & Ava DuVernay

*Earlier we reported that on Friday the Golden Globes website had inadvertently reported that “Selma” and “Into the Woods” were the winners of the Best Motion Picture, Drama and Best Motion Picture, Musical Or Comedy, respectively. At the time we noted that it was just a simple mistake, but we were hoping that as far as “Selma” was concerned, it would be turn out to be a good omen.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case … for either film. In fact, Ava DuVernay‘s “Selma” which received 5 nominations, was all but snubbed except for winning the Original Song category for John Legend and Common’s “Glory.”

The film, which focuses on Martin Luther King Jr.’s historic march from Selma to Montgomery in 1965, lost in all three of the major categories for which it was nominated, including Best Motion Picture, Drama, which went to “Boyhood.”

David Oyelowo, who portrayed Dr. King in the film and was nominated for Best Actor, Drama … was beaten out by Eddie Redmayne for “The Theory of Everything.” DuVernay’s nom for Best Director was overlooked in favor of “Boyhood” helmer Richard Linklater.

The Hollywood Reporter pointed out that some claim the film’s prospects for future awards may have been hurt by questions about its historical accuracy. A Lyndon B. Johnson scholar criticized its portrayal of the former president, while a history professor called it out for misrepresenting a number of facts.

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