antibiotic kills tb bacteria *(Via Newsy) – Researchers believe they may have found an antibiotic that kills off even the toughest strains of bacteria without allowing that bacteria to build up a resistance. In a study published online Wednesday in the journal Nature, researchers introduced teixobactin.

Drug-resistant tuberculosis and even MRSA you see here died off at a rate so effective researchers figured the new compound was toxic and wouldn’t make for a useful drug when they tested it on mice. One even said he figured this was just another boring molecule.

“We tested that compound against mammalian cells and found that it was not toxic against mammalian cells,” researcher Kim Lewis told Nature. “So then we put two and two together and found that we have something very intriguing.”

Intriguing indeed. Since Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, most antibiotic research has been done on the one percent of microbes that can be tested easily in a petri dish in a lab. (Video via CBS)

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