porsha-williams 3*”The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Claudia Jordan blasted co-star Porsha Williams as a prostitute who sleeps with rich and married men to maintain her lifestyle.

Williams clapped back at Jordan’s accusations while turning the tables on her co-star who chose to come after her out of the blue, according to Sister 2 Sister.

“Claudia’s attack was out of nowhere and I’ll always pray for my enemies and hope they find peace in their lives,” Williams said. “She and I were not necessarily considered friends, but I had never spoken ill towards her, of her or tried to call her out.”

Williams talked about her professional relationship with Jordan who wanted more of a friendship with her. She didn’t feel like opening up to Jordan in that particular way.

Nevertheless, she learned about Jordan’s career troubles, and how she burned bridges when she was fired from her show in New York and couldn’t afford her lifestyle anymore.

She added, “RHOA was her last shot at the stardom she desired. If you add up all that heartbreak and shattered dreams that will leave you a thirsty 41-year-old has-been. Claudia is a “Mini Kenya” just as I predicted when we met, even though she swore that her friendship with Kenya would not affect her actions towards me but clearly that was a lie. I just wish she would get her facts straight.”

Williams believes Jordan is envious of her. She claims Jordan is trying to distract folks from her shady past by accusing Williams of acts Jordan is actually known to have been caught in.

“I’ve learned that sometimes when women are envious of other women they will project their past onto them by any means like calling me all the names that have followed Claudia and Kenya their entire careers such as whore, gold digger, home wrecker etc.,” she said. “Claudia believes if she can slander my name it will make her look better and distract people from Googling her and her shady past.”