jon jones,*The UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones raised more questions than answers pertaining to his cocaine use after a Monday press conference, according to

For example, “How often had you used cocaine up until that point (the positive drug test on December 3rd)?”

“Well, you know, I had done it before quite a few times in college,” he said. “I experimented with it. But that is really it, you know. Mainly just college.”

The biggest concern is if Jones used cocaine during preparation for the greatest fight of his career — not during college, but what about now?

And reporter Charissa Thompson pushed for an answer.

“You did it in college and the one time before the fight, and that is the only time?” Jones replied: “Yeah….Pretty much.”

But he didn’t just indecisively admit to cocaine use. He confirmed the use of DRUGS. He was asked,  “Is that the only illegal drug you’ve participated in?” And his response, “I’ve dipped and dabbed in my fair share of partying, I’d say.”

Some critics feel as though Jones is trying to cover his behind by admitting he’s dabbled in drugs, but not fixing his drug problem. He’s just pleasing bosses and sponsors by doing an interview, a little rehab and vaguely describing his drug use without straight answers.

Watch the interview below: