Kevin-Hart*The cyber attack on Sony may have ruffled a lot of feathers with all the leaked emails, but in Kevin Hart’s, eyes the hack wasn’t “that serious to me.”

In an interview to promote his new Sony comedy “The Wedding Ringer,” the funnyman, who was mentioned in a disparaging way in the emails, shrugged the situation off, telling the Associated Press “things happen” in business, but “it has nothing to do with the entertainers.”

Hart’s comments come after one of the leaked emails revealed that Sony’s Screen Gems unit president Clint Culpepper called him a “whore” by for asking for compensation for tweets. Hart was also mentioned in another email when producer Scott Rudin and Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal commented on President Barack Obama liking films with black casts.

Overall, Hart labeled the cyber attack as “a bump in their road,” adding “it’s not that serious to me. That’s their deal.”

“The Wedding Ringer” arrives in theaters Jan. 16.