Keyshawn Johnson

*Keyshawn Johnson is being sued over an in-home bowling alley that he hired a company to design, but never had installed.

According to TMZ, the NFL star-turned-commentator owned a swath of land in Calabasas near the mansion he sold to Kourtney Kardashian. He planned to build a new mansion on the property — complete with a bowling alley, wine room and more — and hired a design firm to draw up the plans.

But the house was never built and Key eventually moved out of town. But according to court docs obtained by TMZ Sports, Johnson never paid the design company what it claims it was owed for drawing up the blueprints.

Now, a collection agency is after the former athlete, looking to recover more than $40,000 in back payments for the mansion that never was.

TMZ Sports reports:

But Johnson says it’s all a baseless money grab — claiming the blueprints were drawn up by his architect, not the designer … and he doesn’t believe he owes the designer a single cent.

“Be careful who you deal with. Everybody’s looking for a buck. You can’t get paid for work you didn’t do.”

BTW — Key eventually sold the plot of land … and to this day, it remains an undeveloped pile of dirt … with no bowling alley.