Kanye-West-and-Kim-Kardashian*Kim Kardashian wants her fans to know the truth! Rumors have been circulated about the she and husband Kanye West getting a divorce as well as her being pregnant.

Both are apparently untrue! She’s not pregnant and her marriage is doing just fine.  She took to Twitter to shut down this nonsense on New Year’s eve.

“Kanye & I are not having marriage problems. Were literally obsessed with each other!” She went on to tweet, “No I’m not pregnant.”

She added, “The Wests are cooking, watching movies and just relaxing tonight. Best way to ring in the new year! Hope you all are safe and having fun! xo.”

Kimye has been facing rumors West hasn’t been spending too much time at home as well as Kardashian being pregnant with their second child, but she strategically tweeted denouncing these rumors during the holidays.