ludacris,*During the holiday season, many celebrities get into the giving mood. Ludacris is definitely one of those celebs. He surprised volunteer Kellie Hutchens with a new Acura.

Hutchens volunteers with Luda’s non-profit called Ludacris Foundation in Atlanta and has been for an impressive 15 years!

ludcaris, kellie hutchens,When he handed her the keys to her new 2015 Acura she screamed, “OH MY GOD!” out of pure joy, according to Sandra Rose.

ludacris,“Kelly has been with the foundation for 17 years, and I think most importantly, she’s been saving for a car,” said his mother Roberta Shields, President of the nonprofit Ludacris Foundation.

Luda added, “it’s not about giving handouts to people that are just gonna take advantage of it. She’s had struggles but she’s at a very good point in her life where she’s trying to turn everything around.”

He wanted to help her out due to her hard work with his foundation. She got a promotion at her full-time job, but she had no way to get there.

“You do so much for so many,” Shields said to an emotional Hutchens, who replied with, “I try!”

Watch the video below: