Bassist-singer Me'Shell NdegeOcello is 43

*Conceptual albums are proven to be successful, but so is making music based on feeling and living in that moment.

Meshell Ndegeocello lives in her moments — making her music off of impulse as opposed to concepts and themes.

And that’s only one way she differentiate herself from the rest.

She can’t be define musically as she can’t be defined by gender, race or sexual orientation.

Hence, she feels liberated through making music that can’t be defined because it’s base off of randomness and impulse yet not lacking meaning. But she’s just creating to create.

She spoke with The Boombox about her musical expression.

“It’s the only time I feel genderless, race-less,” she said. “I just feel at ease, you just have one thing to concentrate on.”

She said folks wouldn’t listen to a concept album. Therefore, her “Comet Come to Me” stirs away from that.

“It’s not a concept record because most people don’t listen to that way. It’s just a series of songs,” she said. “The process of the writing wasn’t about finding things that fit. I wrote 15 and I chose 13. Just out of randomness, all by chance.”

Her new album focuses on the here and now — living right now and her approach to music helped her get that across on the album.

“My process is just sitting with myself trying to come up with songs.”

Watch the interview below: