*Excepts from Mike Huckabee’s upcoming book hit the Internet, revealing the possible 2016 presidential candidate as a fierce critic of Jay Z and Beyonce.

In “God, Guns, Grits, and Gravy,” Huckabee’s take on today’s “fractious” American society, the former Fox News pundit and GOP governor basically calls the rapper a “pimp” who exploits his wife.


U.S. World News & World Report published a handful of quotes Thursday ahead of the book’s Jan. 20 release, one of which focused on Jay Z and Beyonce’s 2014 Grammys performance of “Drunk in Love,” which Huckabee compares to “foreplay”:

My reaction: Why? Beyonce is incredibly talented –- gifted, in fact. She has an exceptional set of pipes and can actually sing. She is a terrific dancer –- without the explicit moves best left for the privacy of her bedroom. Jay Z is a very shrewd businessman, but I wonder: Does it occur to him that he is arguably crossing the line from husband to pimp by exploiting his wife as a sex object?