nene leakes-bryson bryant*Despite professional highs in 2014, NeNe Leakes is experiencing a major low in her personal life with her son, Bryson Bryant, serving time and undergoing rehab.

Court documents obtained by reveal that in the fall of last year, Bryant was ordered to spend time in jail time followed by rehab after violating his probation and testing positive for using drugs. The 25-year-old failed to meet with his probation officer after four scheduled occasions, tested positive for cocaine during an ordered drug testing and skipped a court-required driving class as well as refused to pay a $1,200 fine.

As a result, Bryant was sentenced to three months in jail and ordered to partake in a six-week rehab center, which he checked into last week, according to Sister 2 Sister.

Despite a history with the law, Bryant’s latest legal predicament is the first he’s been involved with since being placed under a one-year probation in February 2014 for reckless driving and a DUI.

Bryant’s troubles come amid Leakes marking 2014 with a run on Broadway’s “Cinderella” as well as her leading role on reality TV and newest clothing line.