jesse-watters*Racism in the New York Police Department was at the center of a recent discussion held on Fox News’ “The Five” as Jesse Watters exercised his opinion on the growing tension between the department and mayor Bill de Blasio.

In Watters’ eyes, NYPD police officers are not racist because if they were then things would be a lot different.

“Everyone is saying that the NYPD is racist. If the NYPD was actually racist, when someone called 911 from a black community, they just wouldn’t even go in. They’d sit there on the perimeter and let them shoot each other,” he said while referencing Chinese people to prove his point.

“There’s some beef in Chinatown, and the NYPD goes to Chinatown and busts some Chinese guy, roughs him up, I don’t see all these Chinese guys out there on the streets protesting.”

As for those protesting the deaths of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, Watters suggested they stop looking for help from the police as he mentioned that protestors should call the Rev. Al Sharpton for help instead if their cars are stolen.

To see Watters’ discussion, check out the video below: