*”If we all realized that we have so much more alike, there wouldn’t be this separation,” says Octavia Spencer, “and I love that “Black or White” presents it that way.”

EURweb talked to the Oscar winner and her co-stars Anthony Mackie and Kevin Costner about their upcoming film.

black or whiteEUR: We heard you would show up to set even when you didn’t have scenes, why?

Octavia Spencer: There are things you can get from film school, there are things you can’t get from film school and to be opposite Kevin Costner – someone that has shaped my view of the film industry…I would be crazy not to go to work on days that I wasn’t scheduled. And we also had great lunch! Great caterers!

Black or WhiteEUR: Talk about how “Black or White” is about more than just race…

Octavia Spencer: It’s a family drama, it’s about how we all deal with grief differently and what our coping mechanizes may or may not be. And the parallels between Kevin’s character and my sons (André Holland) character and how they each converge on each other.

Anthony Mackie: The thing I love about Kevin and Octavia’s characters is they both are able to express their opinion and the other person listens. I feel like now we’re at a place of conversation where people ranting and hash-tagging, but no one is listening.

Black or WhiteKevin Costner: I hope everybody in America takes a look at “Black or White.” It helps a conversation, it’s a great starting place. A movie can’t just be about baseball, if it was “Bull Durham” would have never been a success. “Field of Dreams” what’s it about…it’s about our spirit. “Black or White” is about family. It’s about the welfare of a little girl and when that comes into question, race comes with it and when that card gets played, the movie starts going places… Things get said that makes us wince but also make us feel like yes that’s exactly right.

black or whiteEUR: “Black or White” wouldn’t have made it to the big screen, if you had not financed it yourself. Why?

Kevin Costner: This movie isn’t a cause celeb, it’s part of a story that wasn’t going to get made unless I made it. People who read it, who said no to it, actually loved this story…they were just a little nervous. But the reality is, if I want to do something in life, a lot of times I have to do it myself, that’s the way life works. Not everybody is going to hand you something. My job as a storyteller is when I read something that I think is beautiful and can speak out loud, to an audience for a long time…that’s something I need to fight for.

“Black or White” will be released on January 30th, for tickets and times click here.