Steve Harvey*Steve Harvey’s past has gone viral, thanks to a viral video which shines a light on the radio-daytime TV talk show host’s most offensive words of advice.

The video, which was originally posted on YouTube on May 2012, reemerged when it was posted to Reddit. Titled “Sh*t Steve Harvey Says,” the six-minute compilation clip highlights past interviews and excerpts featuring Harvey.

Segments include one in which the entertainer asserts that “real” mean need women as well as another which captures Harvey boldly stating that all atheists are “idiots” with no moral barometer as he advises women that men cheat because “so many women out there are willing to cheat with them.”

Since going viral, the video has ignited social media with folks voicing their dislike over what they feel are sexist, homophobic and divisive attacks against anyone who doesn’t subscribe to Harvey’s heteronormative, Christian beliefs.

As for why the compilation was made, the video’s creator stated that, “My mom asked me about my disdain of Steve Harvey so I made this little compilation video to succinctly explain my ire. Think of it as a Powerpoint in video form.”

See the video below, then scroll down and  weigh in on how you feel about the clip and the reason behind it: