omarosa access live

*Omarosa was on “Access Hollywood Live” yesterday talking about the man she loved dearly, Michael Clarke Duncan, this season of “Celebrity Apprentice,” her work with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and the time she spent working for Bill Cosby.

Years ago, Omarosa worked for Bill and Camille at The National Visionary Leadership Project, and without saying much about the allegations, she actually said a lot.

Kit Hoover asked, “Did you ever see anything, hear anything?”

Omarosa: “Now you know, they make you sign a document the size of a phonebook, so I signed a document, I can never talk about my days at the Cosby’s foundation…I have a huge nondisclosure there, but if I didn’t, I have lots of stories to tell.”

Kit: “Really?!”

Omarosa: “Yeah, not that happened to me, let me be clear, but yeah, the things that I’ve seen.”

Kit: “Were you surprised with the allegations?”

Omarosa: “I can hear my phone ringing now, my attorney is going to get me in trouble. But no, I wasn’t surprised.”