Power-Season-1-Episode-4-Ghost-and-Tasha-700x393*In case you didn’t know, “Power” is set to return this summer. And the season two trailer should have fans craving for its return NOW.

Unfortunately there’s no set date during the summer in which it will  premiere. But sometime in the next several months Starz will air the 10-episode season two.

The crime drama stars Omari Hardwick and Naturi Naughton in the leads. The all-star cast will get two additions: David Fumero as “Mike Sandoval” and Rotimi Akinosho as “Dre.”

Season two will take over where season one left off. Ghost (Hardwick) will continue to push for a legitimate business with too many drug and crime-related bumps along for the ride.

Executive producer 50 Cent definitely has a hit on his hands with a successful first run and highly-anticipated follow-up season.

Watch the trailer below: