kurupt,*Say what?! Kurupt told Vlad TV something no one thought he would ever say. But he believes Donald Sterling was screwed out of the NBA.

Kurupt non-jokingly called Sterling a great guy — claiming he didn’t deserve to be pushed out of the NBA and forced to sell the LA Clippers.

“Mr. Sterling, I don’t have a problem with this guy. He’s a great guy, but the thing is you got keep your game clean,” he said. “These people always trying to take somebody down. They took a good man down.”

“I don’t agree at all,” he added. “He ain’t did nothing to nobody. He didn’t do nothing to anybody. Who did he harm? What’s the crime?” he claimed and then, asked with a straight face.

He said this despite Sterling being caught making racist statements on-tape — telling girlfriend V. Stiviano he didn’t want her to bring black people to Clippers games.

Kurupt claimed everyone knew he was racist before, but did nothing about it. He said they waited to see it in order to take Sterling down. He feels what difference does it make.

He goes on to explain his friendship with Stiviano while defending her as well. “That’s right. That’s my killer. That’s my little home girl,” he said. “Somebody called me and told me V was in trouble. I had to go check on her. I do that with any of my friends.”

Hmm, we can only wonder what Kurupt is smoking these days ’cause he’s not making a lick of sense.

Watch what he had to say below: