russell westbrook,*Russell Westbrook doesn’t like the media. And just like Seattle SeahawksMarshawn Lynch has done — he gave a hostile, standoffish interview to a journalist, according to the Huffington Post.

After a recent victory, the Oklahoma City Thunder guard repeated the same phrase to sports columnist Berry Tramel, “we did a good job of executing” — again and again.

Then, Westbrook told like it is when Tramel asked him if he was upset. He said, “Nah. I just don’t like you.” Read the full interview transcribed by NewsOK.

That second quarter run, why did that change the game?
Execution. Thought we did a good job of executing.

Down the stretch, you and Serge seemed to be in a really great rhythm. What allowed you to be so successful?
Did a good job of execution.

(Question about their small lineup)
It’s good.

Eight assists in fourth quarter. What did you see from them defensively that allowed that?
We did a good job of executing

(From Berry Tramel) Are you upset with something?
Nah. I just don’t like you.

You don’t?

You don’t like Nick (Gallo, Thunder reporter) either?
I love Nick. I don’t like you.

Well you gave us about the same answers.
Yeah. You got another question?

Played a great game. One of your better ones. Is this one of the better ones you can think of in your career?
Good execution.

Seemed like you played with a sense of urgency tonight. Has that been lacking in the past?
Did a good job of executing tonight.

Career-high 17 assists. How do you feel?
Good job of executing tonight.

Watch the interview below: