isiah whitlock jr,*Actor Isiah Whitlock Jr. who starred as Senator Clay Davis on “The Wire” wants to teach folks how to say his famous catchphrase, ‘sheeeeeeit!’

The actor is reminiscing about his “The Wire” role on “Whitlock Academy,” which is a YouTube comedy series used as teaching tool for actors. Right?!! Well, let him explain it.

“Heh, heh, heh, what is the Whitlock Academy?” the actor told the Baltimore Sun on Tuesday. “It’s where actors come to finish their training. We’ve basically decided that no actor’s training is complete until they properly learn to be able to say the word, ‘sheeeeeeeee-it.'”

He added, “I would just say, over the next couple of weeks, we’ll let it roll out and see how people respond to it.”

Or maybe the series has ambitious of being a joke gone viral? It’s not known yet for sure. Nevertheless, he talked about an actor’s training.

“We do different exercises and things like that, helping actors read and support themselves through their diaphragms,” he said. “We incorporate it into Shakespeare … how it works with iambic pentameter.”

Watch the clip below: