shonda-rhimes*ABC is already dominated with the success of Shonda Rhimes‘ shows. And now she’s adding another one to the list, “The Catch.”

The new series will premiere in the fall and is built around a female forensic accountant focusing on exposing fraud, according to Variety.

This will be Rhimes’ fifth show on the network within the last decade. She was behind the medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy,” which is still on the air after 11 seasons.

She is also responsible for its spin-off “Private Practice,” which lasted for a total of six seasons. Then, she produced two more popular series.

ABC is truly Shondaland with now having black women as show leads with the political thriller “Scandal” and the murder mystery “How to Get Away with Murder.”

While Rhimes is producing, Julie Anne Robinson will direct the show and is writing the pilot episode for a fall premiere date.