Tech, old stuff

*Hey, we’ve all been in this position: You just got a brand new TV for Christmas, and you want to get rid of the old one. Get it outta here is all you’re thinking about. But although it can be pretty temping to just toss your aging TV, iPhone 4S or Xbox 360 in the trash like regular garbage, it’s really the absolute last thing you should do.


Because your old electronics are full of toxic matter and if it makes it to a landfill, all the arsenic, lead, and cadmium goes with it. And from any angle, that would not be good. If those materials make it into landfills, they can potentially leak into our ecosystem, damaging plant and animal life and potentially impacting our food supply.

Aside from the green argument, there’s another good reason not to toss your old tech: Remember you’ve stored your passwords, bank info and other personal information over the years. Its safe there. If you throw away that old computer, there’s no telling whose hands your stuff might end up in.

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