chimamanda ngozi adiche

*Chimamanda Ngozie Adiche is the most successful female Nigerian writer with several awards and accolades. Her novel, Half of a Yellow Sun published in 2006 it tells the story of the  Biafran War through the perspective of the characters Olanna, Ugwu, and Richard.

The movie adaptation of the same title was directed by Biyi Bandele and although released in 2013, it gathered momentum in 2014 with premier viewings and releases in the UK, the US, Nigeria and in cinema houses around the world as well as DVD releases around the world towards the end of 2014.

So popular is this young author and writer that various parts of her TEDx talk, “We should all be feminists” were sampled in Beyoncé’s “Flawless” song. contributor, TAYO Fatunla is an award winning  Nigerian Comic Artist, writer and illustrator and Editorial cartoonist. He is a graduate of the prestigious U.S. Art school, The Kubert  School, New Jersey. His cartoons are used for educational purposes in school books, Newsletters, journals and for presentations –