*EUR: What would the best men at your wedding say during the toast?

Kevin Hart: ‘It’s sad to see this guy taken off the map!’ He would also say, ‘we finally get to see chocolate drop get put in the fridge and get frozen because if this little piece of chocolate was still out there, he would be melting all over the place!’

the wedding ringerEUR: We heard you crashed a real wedding…what was that like?

Josh Grad: We walked into an Indian wedding and we weren’t certain that they would know who either of us are…

Kevin Hart: If we had on the garments that were appropriate – we were the only ones in tuxes – so we stood out as soon as we walked in. I think they thought we were busboys. One lady said, ‘you didn’t get my plate!’ I said, ‘no mama I’m here to crash the wedding.’

the wedding ringerEUR: Your characters are pretending to be friends…how often do you think people are pretending to be fake friends in Hollywood?

Kevin Hart: You don’t get genuine or real relationships in this business. So when you do get one, you hold on to it. I am happy to say, ‘I filmed this movie with Josh and I am happy the final product came out the way it did, but more importantly I got a dope friend!’ I got a guy that I can actually enjoy his company and without it being about something else.

the wedding ringerEUR: How is this comedic role different from the others you’ve played?

Kevin Hart: This role comes full tune, that’s why I love the character so much and why I took the role. In all my previous movies, I’ve gotten to play different types of funny but this role has levels. These levels are different from the ones I’ve displayed in the past. I smell Oscar!

The Wedding Ringer‘ hits theaters January 16th.

EUR: What was it like working with Kevin Hart?

Kaley Cuoco: Kevin and Josh are the new odd couple. They are genius together, I want them to do more movies! It was a blast to be a part of this film.

EUR: What did your maid of honor saying during her toast?

Kaley Cuoco: I don’t think my sister toasted me…Oh, no! She sang a song. We had a very unconventional wedding. We sent invitations out as a New Years Eve party.