dude with earphones on couch

*A man’s home should look like a man lives in it without the stereotype of empty pizza boxes and shabby furniture. Having a stylish home doesn’t take away from your masculinity but rather lets guests feel comfortable and even tells them something about yourself. So, how do you do this? Consider the following tips:

Know Where You Live

Whether you live in the city, country or suburbs, you need to understand how your location affects your interior design. For instance, if you live in an urban area, you may need to soundproof your place with double-paned, glass windows and insulation because the city tends to be loud. You also may want to add plants and other greenery to add a sense of nature to the urban jungle. At the other end of the spectrum, making a suburban home seem urban can send a confusing message. In the suburbs or country, you might want to add more natural elements or go for a more classic style.

Think Ahead

Once you start thinking about your location and design thoughts, create a floor plan and think about the final product before leaping in. There are plenty of design software options available that range depending on your needs. For example, Autodesk Homestyler is a web-based application that lets you create a floorplan using a drag-and-drop system. You can add furniture, change flooring and insert lighting so you can see how everything will fit before you start working. Plus, the program has a robust color pallet, which can help you see the difference between cerulean and aquamarine and how the two choices will work (or not) in your room.

Use Muscle and a Sledgehammer

If all this planning seems like too much work, start with a clean slate. This means you should rip it all out. If you want to go for an urban chic look, for instance, remove old ceiling panels and leave raw framework in order to give height to your room. Steel girders and exposed ductwork can be visually appealing if cleaned up and displayed properly. Plus, the strong building materials will reflect your strong personality, and you can show off to your guests by telling them about breaking drywall and naturally squeezing in a bodybuilder pose.

Understand Your Windows

Windows are your most important source of light, and they define your interior space. Contrasted to the unpolished look of urban interior spaces, window treatments like blinds or drapes make your home appear finished and planned. While you may assume that all drapes are covered in flowers and are in a shade of light pink, there are plenty of window treatments that are masculine and stylish. If you lean toward minimalism, consider using simple wooden blinds to give you some privacy and make the room look complete. Or, if you like something more modern, try roller shades or solar shades, which will block out the light when you’re sleeping and give your room a clean, sleek look.

No matter what you do when designing your place, don’t be afraid to take risks and think about the details. This will not take away from your masculinity but rather add to it. And, this way, your guests will actually want to stay at your place.