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*Valencia Nicole, A Worship Singer From Higher Dimension Church Tallahassee Takes The #30DaysToChange Challenge To Expand Her Life;

It was the perfect Saturday Morning, calm, breezy, and peaceful … when I caught up with Higher Dimension Church Tallahassee Worship Singer, Valencia Nicole.  I had to wait a few minutes for her to wrap up a “personal” song writing session … something she says is normal these days, as her Life seems to be more open to hear melodies from heaven.  “Songs just really come to me now!  And when they come, I just record what I hear in my heart onto my phone and then  I go back and write them down later.” Her gift for music has expanded, and so has Life, as she tells us, since committing to take the #30DaysToChange Challenge.

Why Did You Take The Challenge?

Ok, I took the challenge because I felt…just like book says “30 Days To Change…Going From A What To A Wonder” there were many times in my Life that people questioned “What” I was doing, etc.  For instance, when I left my job making $18/an hour to move to a different state and take a job making much less, people didn’t understand it, but I knew God was doing something.  I knew my life depended on this move.  I knew I needed the book and to take the Challenge to push me even further to where God needed me to be!

What Was Your Favorite Day Of The Challenge?

Day 11…

Are You Prepared To Receive What You’ve Been Praying For?!

I’ve learned that often times we don’t quite understand what we’re praying for, when we’re praying.  And then, when it shows up, we don’t know what to do with it.  You have to be ready, physically, mentally spiritually for what you are praying for.  There’s so many things I’ve been praying for, and now as they’re showing up…I’m like, did I pray for this?  You really have to know and be ready for it.  You have to get into God’s word and seek his face.  I prayed for this move I made, but some things had to be broken off of me in order to move forward.  The spirit of fear had to broken off of me.  I know I am prepared to walk in where I am now.  Now, I am fully aware and open to everything this move has for me.

Now that you’ve completed the Challenge…What Now?

I’m going to continue, just like Dr. Nicky Collins always says, to “Live In The Now!”  I am going to Trust God and Walk boldly in Faith.  There is a Purpose for my Life.  I will fulfill what God has spoken to me.  To “Live In The Now,” you have to stay connected to the source and that’s God because He is the source of everything.

Valencia Nicole is a former Alabama resident who now lives in Tallahassee, FL.


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About The Challenge

Give Your Life 30 Days

The 30 Day Challenge is a personal call to action for people everywhere to set aside 30-Days of their Life to receive a miraculous change.  Individuals are encouraged to use Dr. Nicky E. Collins’ new book, “30 Days To Change…Going From A What To A Wonder” as a guide for producing real, lasting ,Life-changing results. There is no set start date and no ending date for this challenge.  It’s about individual commitment. The challenge is to set aside 30-days…no matter how long it takes, 30-fully present(mentally/physically) days to see the miraculous happen.

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