Dog braves georgia cold for dead puppy

*Providing concrete proof that you don’t have to be a mama of the human kind to grieve the loss of your child, one dog in Savannah, GA is giving a community trying to help a very hard time.

She does not want to leave the cemetery where her dead puppy is and she won’t let anyone near her to help – in spite of frigid temperatures.

The story came to our attention when 15-year-old photographer Hunter Cone accidentally came upon the canine while on an assignment to find a specific monument in Laurel Grove North Cemetery.

“I was walking through Laurel Grove cemetery… I looked over and saw a dog. I thought it was a statue because it was so still,” he explained to Savannah Morning News.  “I looked closer and saw a dead puppy and realized it was a mom mourning the loss of her puppy.”

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