*The first comedy of the year, “The Wedding Ringer,” starring funny man Kevin Hart, opens in theaters today. EUR was on the scene at the film’s red carpet premiere and we wanted to find out what were the funniest/interesting/memorable moments for cast members. We also  and even attending celebs. Check out what they said.

Josh Gad: One of the fondest moments I have is dancing with Kevin. Kevin doesn’t like to get too close and intimate when dancing with another man. It gave me great joy, to force him into that awkward dancing tension. My favorite dance in our dance sequence is the “Dougie” because prior to that, I hadn’t mastered the “Dougie.” I’m really proud of myself! I feel like audiences will agree…I’m good!

josh gradWill Packer: The best part is a football scene, where it was rainy, muddy and everybody’s getting dirty, rolling on the ground and Kevin Hart refused to get mud on his face. We kept saying, ‘it’s not going to match Kevin, you have be in full makeup.’ And Kevin was like I’m not putting that sh** on my face.’ He refused to do it. That’s my favorite part because what he doesn’t know, is that later in post I added dirt to his face!

Jeremy Garelick: My fondest moment is the scene in the car, when Kevin is doing the Bic Mitchum stuff. The line on the page was, ‘Bic Mitchum, I like it!’ I went up to him and said, ‘Kevin maybe try to play with this a little bit, like get into a character of ‘Bic Mitchum.’ He was like, ‘I got it!’ And the next 45 minutes with Kevin and Josh, was him coming up with the most insane things, Josh reacting to it, and the two of them killing it improve wise.

the wedding ringerAffion Crockett: It was like a frat party. Someone went into someone’s trailer and did something’s and left a gift if you will…in someone else trailer, that’s all I’ll say. I’ll give you the PG version.

EUR: We also asked attending celebs what they thought their best man or maid of honor would say during the wedding toast to them:

Aloe BlaccAloe Blacc: The best man at my wedding, during the toast, would probably say, ‘I was the biggest jerk in the world, I never called anybody, I was always too focused on my music, and myself.

Laura GovanLaura Govan: You know what…I practice a lot in the shower what people would say at my funeral…I do! Is that terrible? I feel like it would be the same thing as a weeding…like, ‘oh, my God, she was amazing.’

Draya MicheleDraya Michele: My best friend, Mercedes, would be my maid of honor, and she would probably be a little funny, a little serious, and hopefully she wouldn’t tell the story of how we meet…Uhh! That has me nervous…I might have to coach her or call her and say, ‘don’t say anything crazy.’

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