adina-howard*Ever wonder what happened to Adina Howard after hitting it big with her 1995 single, “Freak Like Me”?

That and other questions look to be answered by the sexy singer herself in an upcoming documentary.

Titled “Adina Howard: A Story of Sexual Liberation,” the film will feature the singer as she addresses what happened with her and record executive Sylvia Rhone that put a halt to her career as well as her relationship with rap legend Tupac Shakur and her cameo role in the film “Waiting to Exhale” being sexually liberated.

The documentary comes years after the success of “Freak Like Me,” which resulted in 1.3 million copies sold of her debut album, “Do You Wanna Ride?” Despite her good fortune and popular sexy image, Howard did encounter a bit of drama with BET, which banned the music video to her song “Nasty Grind” at one point–before airing it in 2004.

To see the trailer for “Adina Howard: A Story of Sexual Liberation,” check out the video below: