OGAfroman aka afroman*Anyone searching for the real Afroman has to look under a new name.

The entertainer, best known for his hit “Because I Got High,” now goes by the name OGAfroman. According to a press release the new name came as a result of imposters assuming Ogafroman’s former identity. As a result, the singer/ songwriter/ guitarist decided to confront the issue head on in light is fans being “confused.”

“I’m now OGAfroman; I need to distinguish myself from all the imposters on the Internet,” stated an aggravated OGAfroman. “My fans are confused. They don’t know which sites to go to. Social media is important; I needed to take a stand.”

In response to the situation, OGAfroman has released “@OGAFROMAN,” a new song that takes aim while pointing the finger at “the many phony websites that have attached themselves to his namesake; occasionally taking direct hits and calling out the suspected.”

In addition to setting things right with his name, OGAfroman is gearing up to headline the second annual High Times Cannabis Cup tour. The event will take place at 5p.m. Feb. 8 at the NOS Event Center in San Bernardino, CA.

OGAfroman will be hand at Cannabis Cup as the official brand ambassador for Weedmaps.com. The entertainer will be at the site’s booth during the Cannabis Cup tour as he promotes the release of his new EP, “One Hit Wonder.” The EP features the track “Because I Got High- The Positive Remix,” which, according to the release has garnered more than 4.5 million hits on YouTube in less than six months.

To hear “@OGAFROMAN,” click here. Click here to here to check out “Because I Got High- The Positive Remix.”