*Afroman says he’s ready to address his “anger” issues and regrets punching out a woman at his concert Tuesday in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Wednesday afternoon, Afroman told told “TMZ Live” that he’s going to be “enrolling in an anxiety foundation right now,” and that he was wrong to hit the woman.

He said he confused the woman with a male heckler that had been “yelling some obscenities” at him throughout his show.

“I thought it was that guy,” Afroman said, regarding the person he struck. “I turned around and, you know…man.”

He said he was also irritated by some women who got on stage, and he added that security should have taken action. Nevertheless, he shouldn’t have lashed out, he said.

“It was wrong,” he said. “What happened shouldn’t have happened.”

Watch a clip of Afroman’s “TMZ Live” appearance below:

The Biloxi Police Department arrest report read:

“On 17 February 15, the Biloxi Police Department responded to a reported assault at the Kress Live Entertainment Venue involving Mr. Joseph Edgar Foreman who performs under the stage name Afroman. Mr. Foreman was arrested for Assault as a result of a Citizen’s Affidavit, booked in, and released after paying a 330 Dollar Bond.”

Watch the punch below:

Afroman also says it’s not the first time he’s gone after a fan … he did it in December in Cincinnati.