gabriell union & charles barkley

*Recently, Charles Barkley came for Dwyane Wade on “Inside the NBA” and said he shouldn’t have made the all-star team. His wife Gabrielle Union didn’t take too kindly to Barkley’s remarks, according to Dime Magazine.

“Dwyane’s great, he’s a Hall of Famer,” Barkley said when discussing Dwade’s inclusion at the Eastern Conference.  “But he didn’t deserve to make the All-Star team.”

There was a social media campaign that allowed Kyle Lowry to overtake a recently injured Dwade as an all-starter — who has no set time determined of when he will recover from his hamstring injury.

But Barkley’s comments didn’t stop Wade’s wife from firing back at the analyst who believed Brandon Knight was snubbed and deserved the nod more than Wade.

“Forgive Charles. .. Kenny Smith is a 2x champion & his opinion is most sound… it’s like me talkin bout Meryl Streep but I ain’t won nuthin,” Union said.

Her tweet was flashed on the screen and Barkley responded with, “we get paid to be honest.” Then, he blasted her acting in general and complimented her beauty.

Watch his comments about Dwyane Wade below:

Watch his reaction to Gabrielle Union below: