bobby brown brawl call

*We’ve noticed that a lot of folks just don’t want to believe a brawl broke out during an event to celebrate Bobby Brown‘s Birthday Thursday night in Atlanta.

Some think it’s inconceivable that the family would stage a birthday celebration while Bobbi Kristina is fighting for her life at a nearby hospital. The truth is that the birthday dinner/celebration did happen as well as a melee.

And yes TMZ haters, they got their hands on the 911 call about the situation. Here’s what they are reporting:

Bobby Brown’s bloody, bottle smashing family brawl was even more intense than we thought … after hearing the 911 call one of the witnesses made.

The caller tells dispatch the fight was a violent free-for-all involving at least 8-10 people inside the W Hotel — and someone had smashed a glass and was using it as a weapon.

As we reported … the melee allegedly started when Bobby’s older sister Tina spit in her own son’s face. Listen to the tape … it’s clear hotel security is struggling to get control of the situation.

Listen to the brawl call: