dez bryant's mom angela

*In a 2012 video interview obtained by TMZ, the mother of Dallas Cowboys running back Dez Bryant tells police in Texas how she had just been roughed up by her famous son during a family squabble.

According to TMZ, Dez was arrested for assault following the incident, but the charge was eventually dropped when Dez cut a deal with prosecutors, which required the NFL star to stay out of trouble for the following year (he did).

But in the video, Bryant’s mother Angela describes a heated exchange between herself and Dez, which started when Dez “was trying to fight my brother.” Angela says she tried to stop Dez and warned him that he was going to get in trouble with the Cowboys, but she claims he simply turned the rage on her.

After allegedly grabbing her, smacking her with his baseball cap and tearing her shirt, Angela says Dez “started talking about how he’s going to knock me out.” The cop at the scene said he didn’t see any blood or bruising on Angela, but photos were taken for police records.

Angela says she wanted to contact Jerry Jones to discuss the incident so he could help Bryant moving forward.