diddy*Diddy has a bone to pick with Hollywood. And he used Instagram to express his frustration with Tinseltown and not properly representing Black people on film.

“As we celebrate our great African American thespians we would also like to take this moment to tell Hollywood wake up!” he wrote.

He added, “the movies that you make don’t look like how the world really is. YALL still putting one or two black people in the movie!”

Diddy is encouraging Black folks to let Hollywood know how they really feel about the lack thereof representation in movies.

“So on this black history month we want to tell Hollywood we don’t really like that s**t, Because that’s not the way the world really is and YALL think nobody knows the black man oversees!!” he wrote.

He added, “so dear Hollywood could you please open your eyes and see #Blackhistory #Blackhistorymonth#Allblackeverything.”

Watch the video and read what he had to say below: