*It seems as though Don Cheadle‘s dream of a Miles Davis film is coming true!

His Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign reached more than $172,000 of its $325,000 goal.

According to Indiewire’s Shadow and Act,Miles Ahead” is slated to go into production and principal photography later on this summer.

But the film went through many changes in the pre-production stage before it could really work.

“I think it moved from being something that was a little more of a traditional biopic, which I was never totally enamored of, toward something that I think is a lot more dynamic and interesting and creative and Miles,” Cheadle told Shadow and Act.

Cheadle is approaching the film the right way with having Davis’ family involved.

Erin Davis (Miles Davis’ son) & Vince Wilburn Jr. (Miles Davis’ nephew) both feel like Cheadle can (and has) channeled their father/uncle.