ben carson

*(Via MSN News) – Ben Carson says illegal immigrants are partly to blame for the measles outbreak.

Carson, a doctor considering a 2016 run for the White House, said it’s a fact that people are entering the country illegally without being screened for measles.

While U.S. citizens who don’t get vaccinated are also a factor in this year’s rising number of measles cases, he said it’s “a combination of non-compliance [with vaccine requirements] and introduction into our society of people who perhaps haven’t been well screened.”

Carson said he wasn’t trying to speak in code when he was asked by CNN host Chris Cuomo if he was turning the measles debate into an immigration debate.

“It’s not code and I’m not trying to make it into any particular argument, I’m stating what the facts are,” he replied. “The facts are that there are people in our country who have become lax in terms of their vigilance, getting their kids immunized, and we have people coming in who are not necessarily being properly screened. That’s not making it an issue, it’s stating facts.”

Carson was unable to point to an example of someone in the country illegally who had caused a problem by not being vaccinated.

You can get the rest of this story from The Hill at MSN News.