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*As the world knows, Fox’s “Empire” is all the rage these days. The show is so hot, the ratings are historic! But not everybody is on board with the show. One of them, J. Dahl Murphy, an EUR partisan, contacted us to share her incisive thoughts about the program.


*Listening to my favorite radio program discussing the new TV series “Empire,” one of the first comments made was … it just seems that all you have to do is “just put it on a plate, and “they” will “gobble it up.”  The inference being that the content of the show is so detrimental to us black folk, but it doesn’t matter, we will watch anyway and absorb all its contents.

What disheartened me so in this discussion was the fact that a significant number of callers were not outraged about the show but seemed to have lost conscious thought about the damage that is being caused to our people…here are the comments that have caused me to put pen to paper and send this email….

“the show is just entertainment”

“ooh goody….black folk are now working”

“it is reality, i know some folk like that”

“it is a big hit”


We need to form collective thought and action to shut down this television program that is destroying our community.  We need to take a lesson from the jewish community who shut down the king of pop Michael Jackson’s work because they didnt like a word that negatively described them in one of his songs…and he had to remove  it.  Plus they moved quickly and decisively in doing so as well.  Jewish people don’t tolerate negative anthing about themselves and they are respected for it too.  You dont mess with the Jewish people…. We must and can do the same thing.

All of us are in danger of terrorists threats, beheadings, shootings, being burning alive, etc. and yet we have some demons who have created a program that specifically targets the destruction of black folk,  seriously? and are you kidding me? Well, that aint gonna happen – we will shut you down.  Understand Empire received so many viewers for Fox tv, making them number one….other stations will be creating similiar programs that are going after the hearts and minds of black people to destroy us.

I am suggesting that these thoughts be the genesis of our own “African Drum” (a method africans used to communicate to one another from the sound of drum beats) that will spread the word that “‘Empire’ is Poison on a Plate” and is being served to us for our destruction and we should boycott and not watch.  This can be done using social media; facebook, twitter, txt, insta gram, you tube, etc.  We will call the show it what it is … POISON and it is being served specifically  to us. and you know what poison does to people.

Send this message to every black person you know; they in turn should do the same. This shut down message needs to go to our black organizations, fraternities, sororities. newspapers, etc. everywhere!  I do believe social media will catch on and carry this message throughout the united states.  Also, this is critical mass so it would be great if we can find out where they are filming the show and protest march there holding signs that say EMPIRE: POISON ON A PLATE.  Remember, black folk have been doing a lot of protesting this year and this is a worthwhile cause to get our rightful respect  as a people.

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We will put Hollywood, actors and actresses on notice.  The black community will no longer accept this type of programming that is detrimental to our mind, body, soul and spirit.  It is our duty as conscious black folk to enlighten other brothers and sisters who are not yet at that point.

We must do this shut-down to save our children who are internalizing and acting out these negative images being put before them.

Black people are doing some phenomenal things in the world and we must tell our story through positive TV and Hollywood programming.

Remember, we have to do this for ourselves because no one else will. We need to strategize and implement this shut-down and do it in an expeditious manner.

Feel free to contact me ([email protected]) as well as people you know to discuss the strategies that can we can use for Empire to be removed from the airwaves.

Thank you –  J. Dahl Murphy.

About J. Dahl Murphy:
I am a black female living in the Metropolitan Washington DC area. I Retired from the federal government 3 years ago. I care about other black people and try to reach out to them whenever I can. And speaking of the “African Drum,” as referenced in the article, I always have my ear the ground when it comes to the advancement and well-being of black folk. As stated, the radio discussion of the TV series “Empire” compelled me to reach out to as many of my fellow brothers and sisters as possible … hence the fantastic EURweb. Again, as stated above, I would love to hear from other concerned blacks about “Empire: Poison on the Plate” and I may be contacted at [email protected].


(‘Empire’ is ‘Poison on A Plate!’)