michel'le, chante moore, lil mo

Michel’le immediately has to run to the restroom because of a sick stomach leaving Chante Moore and Lil Mo alone to talk. It gets awkward and scary.

*The season 3 premiere of “R&B Divas: LA” is tonight at 10/9c, on TV One. It features Lil Mo, Chante Moore and Michel’le. But you don’t have to wait ’til then to get a taste ’cause we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek clip.

The ladies are invited to a cabin apparently to bond. When they get there immediately Michel’le has to go to the bathroom because her stomach is sick and she leaves Chante and Lil Mo alone together.

michel'le, chante moore, lil mo

Lil Mo and Chante Moore inside a get away cabin on R&B Divas: LA. This Episode features the two, along with singer, Michel’le

While Michel’le is in the restroom handling a case of diarrhea, the vibe between the two left together is awkward at first. The ice is broken when Chante ask Lil Mo if she would try to be open. Lil Mo replies, ‘We’ll see” and then remarks on the eerie presentation of the cabin.

“It’s nice, but its quiet and scary its giving me a conjuring tease. Its scary up here. This looks like it was blood. I’m actually afraid up here. This TV scares me,” Lil Mo said.

chante moore, lil mo, michel'le

Scary items inside of the cabin on R&B Divas LA with Michel’le, Chante Moore and Lil Mo.

Inside the cabin, there are what looks like voodoo dolls and a mantel with a leprechaun, deer and bears. Plus, there is darkness beyond the windows. The trio discovers that nothing works. There is no working phone or TV. So they are left to talk to each other.

The strange feeling of the cabin initially gives them plenty to chat about. “It’s a little weird, I’m expecting ‘Jason’ to come out of the dark some where,” Chante said. “

Lil’ Mo and Michel’le don’t seem to like the cabin much. But Chante supposes they’ll make the best of everything. She talks to the camera and reveals that the next day she has plans to take the girls to a place called Soar. There she’ll have the girls perform trust building exercises and try to work through their obstacles and have a nice trip together.

“If [this doesn’t work] I’m never going to hear the end of this ever,” Chante said. What happens after that we get to see in the Season 3 premiere of “R&B Divas: LA.”

Enjoy the clip: