*EUR was on the scene at L.A. Clippers, Chris Paul‘s annual bowling competition benefiting his CP3 foundation.

EUR: Why did you pick bowling as the competition?

Chris Paul: When I was a kid my dad was in two or three different leagues at one time. Me and my brother would be at the bowling alley with him, so we just caught on. When I’m home during the summer, I bowl all summer long.

EUR: Do you have any tactics or strategies to win?

Nick Cannon Nick Cannon: No! Prayer! Rely on Jesus. I don’t have a bowling background. I love this sport, this is what we would do on the weekends, but I’m not good at it by any means.

Terrell OwensTerrell Owens: I’m here to have fun with the other celebrities, that are attempting to be professionals at bowling. Rusty or not, I feel like I’m still better than Chris. He may have fared a little bit better than me during the last tournament but if you don’t finish first, you finish last.

Jesse Williams: I’ve been to this event the last three years and I won a couple years ago…I like to come out and evaluate the talent and survey the landscape. We like to keep our eyes on each other…see whose rusty. I haunt all of them because I’m not a ‘bowler’ and I’m awful at bowling – I have a totally unorthodox technique that throws them off. When I win it hurts all the more, which is really the fun part of it. I’m counting on Chris to be rusty because he’s in season and focused on All-Star Game. Hopefully, he’s a little banged up and soar from his game against the Lakers.

EUR: What does the winner receive?

Jesse Williams: A big big trophy and bragging rights! You get to hold the trophy up on ESPN and taunt Chris with text message at late hours in the night.

Jesse Williams

EUR: What song would you have playing as you approach the bowling lane?

Nick Cannon: ‘Cutie Pie (One Way)!’ That would work for me because its old school, just like my mama’s music, I would work that out!

French Montana: ‘Don’t Panic’ because I’m panicking going against the professionals! I haven’t bowled in four years.

French Montana

Terrell Owens: Oh, Juicy J…’every time I go out, Imma show out (“Show Out”)!’ Yah, that’s me!

EUR: Why is philanthropy so important to you?

Chris Paul: There is nothing like putting a smile on a kids face or a families and that’s what we love to do. God has blessed me and given me this opportunity and platform. There are so many people who helped me, guided me, and molded me to get in the position I’m in, so why not give back…

Jesse Williams: The CP3 foundation does a range of things and always finds a way to put roots down locally and give back where he is – either in his hometown or whatever city he is playing for. He makes a lot of difference and the fans really appreciate it.