Harlem's Fashion Row

Quincy Brown & Vanessa Simmons

*It’s the only show increasing diversity in fashion!

Harlem’s Fashion Row produces events to educate, stimulate, and advance opportunities for emerging designers of color.

EUR was On the Scene at Harlem’s Fashion Row presented Style Beat, to chat with host Vanessa Simmons, Quincy, and many more.

Vanessa Simmons: I dress my daughter up a lot! She likes little bows, so I go overboard. Fashion is everything to me! Harlem’s Fashion Row gives African American designers a platform and place to showcase their designs.

Quincy Brown: Fashion is everything! Your image is half of what defines you, the rest is your personality. The way you brand yourself, can be a selling point or a miss. You want to make sure everything fits right and the colors contrast against your skin. If you went to the islands and you got a tan and your skin is darker, you may need to wear a different suit. That stuff matters.

My celebrity crushes…Rihanna is absolutely everything and more! The Queen B of course and Alicia Keys is beautiful.

V. Bozeman: Fashion is very important to my music career. I’m bold and like to be on my own vibration. That’s what I implement in my fashion. I’m always trying to see what’s next or trying to do something interesting with my garments.

My scarf is the one article of clothing I can’t leave the house without. I’m a singer, I’m bald and I rocks that scarf like it’s my last day.

A.J. Johnson: I’m a big advocate of artistry and I love fashion. I love the different expressions artist create through fashion…the fabrics, colors, and what they are inspired by. I want to see the new direction the designers are going in. I’m in a baseball hat most of the time so I’m looking forward to being motivated by their creativity through fashion.

Michael Jai White and Gillian Waters also attended the glamorous affair held at a luxurious Beverly Hills estate. Featuring legendary L.A. based designer Kevan Hall, custom menswear designer Waraire Boswell, and emerging designers, Joseph Bethune and “Project Runway” finalist Kimberly Goldson.

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