Former-En-Vogue-Member-Maxine-Jones*Original En Vogue member Maxine Jones has fallen on hard times. Her bank was granted permission from a federal judge to begin foreclosure.

Jones failed to make mortgage payments. She filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy on Thursday, Dec. 18, 2014 in Virginia. She’s $298,900 in debt and claimed to have only $172,000 in assets.

According to the, her debts included her Virginia home at $212,000; a private school for $32,000; her attorney fees are $17,000; Virginia state taxes totaling $2,000; California state taxes totaling $22,000.

Also, she owes smaller amounts of outstanding bills including a phone bill of $800; a T-Mobile bill of $440; and a Victoria’s Secret bill of $539 reports AlwaysAList.

Additionally, she missed mortgage payments the months of October and November. Therefore, the judge terminated the home’s stay in bankruptcy.

As a member of En Vogue, she remained with the group from the late 1980s until 2012 when there was a division among the ladies. She released a single, “Didn’t I,” back in the Spring with hopes of a solo career.