junior-bridgeman*Ulysses Lee “Junior” Bridgeman’s days as an professional basketball are far behind him, but he’s in a much better space with using his business sense to amass a personal net worth of $400 million.

Slumz Boxden detailed Bridgeman’s professional redirection as it noted the Chicago-born businessman’s transition from playing basketball in high school to graduating with a bachelor’s degree while continuing to play the sport throughout his time as a student at the University of Louisville.

Although the Los Angeles Lakers drafted Bridgeman in 1975, he was soon traded to the Milwaukee Bucks. The time Bridgeman played ball in the NBA, professional players earning lots of money received quite a bit more from endorsement deals. In Bridgeman’s case, his peak salary amounted to $350,000 during his days playing for the Los Angeles Clippers in 1985, Slumz Boxden noted.

Despite being content with what he made, Bridgeman started planning for the future as he stated learning the business of franchising by working at Wendy’s and learning the fast food eatery’s culture during the off seasons. Bridgeman’s hard work eventually paid off with him owning three Wendy’s restaurants at the end of his NBA career.

Currently, Bridgeman is the second largest Wendy’s franchise owner in the world a string of Wendy’s restaurants in more than 160 locations. In addition, the married father of three has investments in more than 120 Chili’s franchise in America, with all of his kids contributing to the family business.

To see Bridgeman’s story of how he attained his success, check out the video below: