kids with old man haircuts

*For all the youngins out there that insist on acting up, we got somethin’ for ’em.

Yep, a Snellville, Georgia barber has come up with a pretty unique way to get those badass kids to cut the crap.

Dude’s name is Russell Frederick and he’s the co-owner of A-1 Kutz Salon in Snellville. He said he had to start disciplining his son when he was acting up and getting bad grades.

“I shaved his head bald,” Frederick said. “I told him that next time, I would do that particular cut.”

And guess what? It worked. Big time.

“His grades skyrocketed and he got back on track,” Frederick said of his 12-year-old son.

Now the service is in demand by parents who need some assistance from the village, so to speak, and Frederick offers the unique discipline treatment for free.

We love his logic which is pretty sound. Essentially, if kids want to act grown up, he will make them look grown up too. The salon is giving haircuts that look like they belong on an old man.

He told Atlanta’s Channel 2 Action News that three children have already gotten the embarrassing cuts in the past month.

Frederick told Channel 2 Action News on Wednesday that several more people had called to inquire about the haircut. He also says since the story aired, he’s been getting mucho live from folks who called to say they are in agreement with what he’s doing.

“They’re telling me it takes a village to raise a child,” he said.


Georgia Barber Gives Bad Actin’ Kids Old Man Haircuts (Look!)