rob-corddry*As fans of “The Daily Show” await the arrival of someone to replace outgoing host Jon Stewart, a former correspondent for the Comedy Central series has given his two cents on the situation.

While attending the premiere of his new film “Hot Tub Time Machine 2,” Rob Corddry referenced the position being filled already by current “Daily Show” correspondent Jessica Williams in a scene from the movie as he mulled over possible contenders to Stewart’s chair.

“This movie predicts Jessica Williams. It’s in this movie. Jessica Williams is in “The Daily Show” as the host. So, I feel like I should stick by my candidate,” Corddry exclusively told while attending the “Hot Tub Time Machine 2” premiere.

Despite the endorsement from “Hot Tub Time Machine 2,” Williams has shot down anything like that happening in real life. The comedienne recently took to Twitter to kill rumors surrounding her replacing Stewart, saying she is “extremely under-qualified for the job!” and “super not right for it.”

jessica williams

“She actually said that on record? That’s so funny. I’m not ready either. Nobody’s ready for that job,” Corddry said upon hearing Williams’ voice how she wasn’t ready to replace Stewart, who announced his retirement from “The Daily Show” last week.

As for who else could take Stewart’s place, Corddry had a couple of suggestions in mind.

“I would pick…is Dean Martin still alive? He’s not?” joked Corddry. “I would pick somebody that no one knows, no one knows. A very young, very political comic.”