chris-tucker*If you think he’s been gone for too long from movies then you will probably be shocked to find out that Chris Tucker hasn’t done stand-up comedy in more than a decade.

Tucker recently made his grand return to film in the past few years, but he admitted his biggest passion is doing stand-up. He’s making a comeback tonight, Friday night, Feb. 6, 2015 at the Tower Theater in Philadelphia.

“I have success on-screen, but I’m compelled to do stand-up,” Tucker told The Intelligencer. “There’s nothing that makes me feel the way I feel when I’m on stage talking about what’s in my head.”

Back in 2007, he was paid $25 million to star in “Rush Hour 3.” It was his first movie in six years. Then he took a supporting turn in “Silver Linings Playbook” in 2012, five years later.

“I like having the chance to show my diversity. I hope some more movies like that come way,” he added. “But I’m  happy no matter what happens. It’s been a really great career. Look how far I’ve come.”