kanye on table

*While in town for the Brit Awards on Wednesday, Kanye West hit up local food spot Nando’s and caused a little stir when the patrons clamored for pictures.

According to reports, West was with his entourage trying to chow down on his order – a plain burger and fries, medium double-burger, garlic bread, quarter chicken and spicy rice. At first he turned fans away, telling them, “I’m just a singer who wants to be left alone.”

But then he changed his mind, jumped up onto the counter and yelled, “If we are gonna do this, let’s do it right!” According to reports, he stood atop one of the tables so that everyone could get their pictures all at once.

Folks started chanting “Yeezus” while taking his picture, and then he quickly jetted out the restaurant.

The restaurant also took a pic and tweeted it out, saying “So, it turns out Kanye is much taller in real life.”

See more videos and pics from the moment below:

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