kevin hart & mone davis (all-star game)

*If you our footage of young female athletic phenom Mo’ne Davis playing in the NBA All-Star Celebrity game, you saw her put a move on funny man Kevin Hart that darn near broke his ankles as she drove and spun past him on her way to the basket for a layup shot.

Yes, she’s no joke and Mr. Hart can testify to that:

“She was for real, she really got me,” Hart told TMZ after Davis put him through the spin cycle in a pretty sweet 1-on-1 move during Friday’s game.

On the other hand, Hart went on to be named the game’s MVP — the 4th time he’s won the award — but says Miss Davis is clearly the future.

“I am a fan and I’m looking forward to seeing amazing things from her in the future.”

Check out Hart below as he also calls out the WORST player in the celeb game and gives a shout out to Jesse Williams the “Grey’s Anatomy” star who suffered a nasty injury on the court that night.

Watch Mo’ne Vs Kevin (Now you see, now you don’t):


Kevin Hart Big Ups Mo’ne Davis After Her All-Star Celeb Game Performance