la reid, bobby shmurda,*A video is circulating around on the Internet of an unknown rapper threatening to kill L.A. Reid, CEO of Epic Records, because he hasn’t helped get Bobby Shmurda out of prison, according to Sandra Rose.

The CEO has been criticized for his lack thereof support for the young rapper after a police raid busted him and other GS9 gang members for weapon possession and conspiracy to traffic narcotics back in December 2014. He couldn’t make bail.

“These are bad people,” Commissioner Bill Bratton said during a press conference held in December. “They shouldn’t be celebrated.”

Andrew Jerell Jones tweeted, “thank you @LA_Reid for being a slime & leading your @Epic_Records in screwing over a kid not even 21 @BobbyShumurdGS9. Real proud moment 4 u.”

Shmurda is currently being held on $2 million bail and in solitary confinement after getting into an altercation with another gang member.

“Yeah, they got me in P.C., man, Protective Custody,” he told Hot 97. Although he said he’s being treated well in prison, he wants to make bail.